Dev Air Bubble Wrap Packing ROLL – Product Description

Dev Air Bubble Wrap Packing ROLL – Product Description

Dev Air Bubble Wrap Packing ROLL

The key to your items arriving in one piece? Dev Brand Original Bubble Wrap Cushioning – it keeps objects protected whether they’re in the mail or on the move. Featuring Air Lock Technology that maintains consistent cushioning and long-lasting protection, this reusable Bubble Wrap easily conforms around your most treasured items and gifts for light-as-air cushioning. Plus, it fills up empty voids when you’re packing boxes so your valuables stay put during mailing, shipping, moving, and storage.

Benefits of Dev Air Bubble Wrap Packing ROLL

1. Low-cost and Lightweight

Dev Bubble cushioning is a cost-effective alternative to heftier and more expensive packing materials. Its lightweight nature allows for easy handling and stacking, maintaining an orderly work or storage area.

2. Moisture Protection

The bubble wrap provides a protective barrier against moist environments, ensuring that your goods remain dry and undamaged during transportation or storage.

3. Delicate Object Shipping

When shipping delicate objects, using bubble packing adds an extra layer of precaution and peace of mind. The cushioning properties of the bubble wrap help absorb shocks and prevent damage during transit.

4. Prevents Abrasions

Dev Bubble Wrap is excellent for preventing abrasions on fragile items such as ceramics, china, and glassware. The soft cushioning of the bubble wrap acts as a buffer, reducing the risk of scratches or breakages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Dev Air Bubble Wrap Packing ROLL reusable?

A: Yes, Dev Bubble Wrap is reusable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for packaging and shipping.

Q: Can I use Dev Bubble Wrap for international shipping?

A: Absolutely! Dev Bubble Wrap provides reliable cushioning and protection for items during international shipping.

Q: How can I dispose of Dev Bubble Wrap?

A: Dev Bubble Wrap is recyclable. Please check with your local recycling facilities for proper disposal methods.


When it comes to protecting your valuable items during shipping, Dev Air Bubble Wrap Packing ROLL is the ideal choice. Its lightweight, cost-effective, and reusable nature makes it a versatile packing material. Whether you’re shipping delicate objects or need to fill empty spaces in boxes, Dev Bubble Wrap provides excellent cushioning and protection. Say goodbye to worries about damage during transit and choose Dev Bubble Wrap for peace of mind.