MSR – Alpine Kitchen Set

MSR – Alpine Kitchen Set

MSR – Alpine Kitchen Set

The MSR Alpine Kitchen Set is the most comprehensive kitchen kit that comes with an easy-to-go carry case. It includes various kitchen equipment like salt and pepper shaker, folding utensils, etc. This kitchen set is lightweight and can be easily carried. It is perfect for cooking all your favorite dishes.


1. Spoon with Calibrated Measurements

The spoon in this kitchen set is calibrated for common measurements, making it easier to follow recipes accurately.

2. Alpine Salt & Pepper Shaker

The new design of the salt and pepper shaker is moisture resistant and holds plenty of seasoning for your meals.

3. PackTowl

The PackTowl included in this kitchen set can absorb four times its weight in water. It dries fast and is built to survive years of abuse.

4. Alpine Cutting Board

The flexible design of the Alpine Cutting Board slips into the case and rolls to protect the contents. It is easy to clean and durable.

5. Roll-Away Case

The Roll-Away Case is made of durable fabric and has multiple pockets for maximum versatility. It provides convenient storage for all the kitchen equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the kitchen set lightweight?

A: Yes, the Alpine Kitchen Set is lightweight and can be easily carried.

Q: Can I use it for cooking all types of dishes?

A: Yes, this kitchen set is designed to be used for cooking all major items.

Q: Is the cutting board easy to clean?

A: Yes, the Alpine Cutting Board is easy to clean and can be rolled up for compact storage.


The MSR Alpine Kitchen Set is the perfect companion for outdoor cooking. With its comprehensive set of kitchen equipment and easy-to-go carry case, it provides convenience and versatility. Whether you are camping, hiking, or on a picnic, this kitchen set has everything you need to prepare delicious meals. Its lightweight design and durable construction make it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.