NERF Doubleclutch Inferno Nitro Toy

NERF Doubleclutch Inferno Nitro Toy

NERF Doubleclutch Inferno Nitro Toy

Fire up an Inferno of double action blasting with the doubleclutch Inferno set! This Nerf nitro toy features a 2-barrel blaster so kids can launch 2 cars at once. Set up the double reactive target and blast the foam body cars into the barrier — the impact sends the 2 disks flying into the air. Set up challenging stunts with the 8 obstacles and a double ramp. Smash cars through the obstacles, and send cars up the ramp to leap over the obstacles. Kids can use their imaginations to set up the pieces in different ways to blast into lots of stunts. There’s storage for 2 cars on top of the blaster. Includes 4 foam body cars.

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  • Double action blasting with a 2-barrel blaster
  • Double reactive target for added excitement
  • 8 obstacles for creating challenging stunts
  • Double ramp for launching cars into the air
  • Storage for 2 cars on top of the blaster
  • Includes 4 foam body cars

Double the Fun

Blast into double-stunt action with the Nerf Nitro doubleclutch inferno toy set that has a blaster with 2 barrels so kids can fire 2 cars at once. Load cars into the blaster and fire them at the double reactive target — when the cars hit the barrier, 2 disks spring out the barrier and into the air.

Create Exciting Stunts

Set up all kinds of cool stunts with the doubleclutch Nerf Nitro set that includes a double ramp, 8 obstacles, and a hand-powered blaster — no batteries required. Combine the doubleclutch inferno blaster set with other Nerf Nitro sets to create bigger stunts and bigger car-firing fun.

Official Nerf Nitro Cars

This Nerf Nitro set includes 4 official Nerf Nitro cars that are designed for speed and distance and come in bright, bold colors.

  • Age Range: 5 years and up
  • Includes: Blaster, 4 foam body cars, double reactive target, double ramp, 8 obstacles
  • Batteries: Not required

The NERF Doubleclutch Inferno Nitro Toy offers double the fun with its 2-barrel blaster and double reactive target. Kids can create exciting stunts using the double ramp and 8 obstacles. The set includes 4 official Nerf Nitro cars for high-speed action. Suitable for kids aged 5 and up, this toy provides endless entertainment without the need for batteries. Combine it with other Nerf Nitro sets for even more car-firing fun!