The Beast Battery Quad 12V Red – Product Description

The Beast Battery Quad 12V Red – Product Description

The Beast Battery Quad 12V Red

Are you looking for an exhilarating ride-on toy that will provide endless fun for your children? Look no further than the INJUSA Beast Battery Quad 12V Red! Designed for children over 2 years old, this quad is the perfect combination of excitement and safety.

Key Features

With its vibrant red color and sleek design, The Beast Battery Quad is sure to catch the attention of your little ones. Here are some of its key features:

Reverse Gear

The quad is equipped with a reverse gear, allowing your child to easily maneuver in tight spaces or change direction effortlessly. This feature enhances their driving experience and promotes their spatial awareness.

Rubber Bands on Rear Wheels

The rear wheels of The Beast Battery Quad are fitted with rubber bands, providing excellent traction and grip on various terrains. Your child can confidently ride on grass, gravel, or pavement without worrying about slipping or sliding.

Pedal Accelerator

The quad is operated using a pedal accelerator, giving your child full control over their speed. They can accelerate or decelerate at their own pace, promoting their motor skills and coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the quad suitable for children under 2 years old?

No, The Beast Battery Quad is designed for children over 2 years old. It is important to ensure that your child has the necessary motor skills and coordination to safely operate the quad.

2. How long does the battery last?

The quad is powered by a 12V battery, which provides a thrilling ride for approximately 1-2 hours depending on usage. It is recommended to recharge the battery after each use to ensure maximum enjoyment.

3. Is the quad easy to assemble?

Yes, The Beast Battery Quad comes with clear instructions and all the necessary tools for easy assembly. It can be put together in a short amount of time, allowing your child to start their adventure without delay.


The INJUSA Beast Battery Quad 12V Red is the ultimate ride-on toy for children over 2 years old. With its reverse gear, rubber bands on rear wheels, and pedal accelerator, it offers a thrilling and safe adventure for your little ones. Get ready to watch their faces light up with joy as they embark on countless exciting journeys with The Beast Battery Quad!